About Us

As a leader in custom manufacturing and private labeling, Xtremelabels provides the health related products consumers rely upon. Our founder entered into the business of heath care over a decade ago with the sole mission to provide customers with products of such quality that at the time, he believed did not exist.

Although all of products are made in the USA, we have the access to import and utilize raw materials from around the globe.

Our research and development team are aware of the importance of remaining ahead of the market by continuously researching and formulating only the best quality products for our customers.

Our Certifications

XL is your one-stop-shop for all health related products. Our certifications with agencies such as GMP, NSS, QAI and of course the FDA ensures that our products are safe before being marketed.

For over 10 years and for many more years to come, you can trust that XL stands for genuine quality.

Certified to operate beyond the stringent health standards which meet all certification processes, has allowed our network to be amongst the best and take pride in the security process of all that’s produced thus providing our consumers a piece of mind. XL, like many of our competitors, could easily compromise our standards, but our commitment to truth and to your results mean we never will.

Research and Development

Many companies have chosen to partner with XL to develop formulations that transcend in Research & Development. Because we are one of the leaders in the industry, XL is able to offer a distinct knowledge to help create innovative products and line extensions for new as well as previously marketed health products.

Our innovative and professional XL organization has a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technological applications of unique proprietary products.

For years, we have been originating and manufacturing many units of products that are distributed through our marketing partners throughout the industry. Our objective is to create and market superior health care products to serve the globe.

Bring this goal into realization; our global R&D team includes many professionals working in state-of-the-art labs in our U.S. headquarters as well as internationally. The initial XL group based at our headquarters in FL, USA integrates all critical functional areas for successful product development.

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