Private Label

At XL providing turnkey solutions for Private Label vitamins, nutraceuticals, and other related dietary supplements is at the core of what we do best for our clients. This is a direct result from the ongoing demands of the nutraceuticals and vitamin industry.

Our TEAM is at the forefront of today’s trends and scientific breakthroughs, thus allowing our clients to have a turnkey private label solution and product at its highest level of quality.


A consultation with one the experts at XL is FREE OF CHARGE to all customers. Xtreme Labels boasts decades of combined years of experience and knowledge in this market to assist you in the production of high quality, inventive, and effective health care products that will show you the greatest return and profitability.

XL will be available to you at every stage of the private label and custom contract manufacturing process to ensure you receive insight that will produce the greatest possible product for your specific needs.

XL has assisted its clients reduce costs for product development, manage production management for startup clients, maximizing end customer bases, comprehending demographics and trends in products, as well as various other aspects in new and existing product development within the health industry.


The XL team offers its customers decades of combined and diversified expertise in developing and manufacturing vitamins, dietary supplements, and other health related products has attributed to a proprietary development process that ensures more efficiently produced products that none of our competitors can match. We see this as being the key attribute in being the premier provider in producing and manufacturing private label contract manufacturing of health supplement products. As a result, we have been rapidly producing superior products created specifically to our client’s specifications and our assistance as needed.

XL has made it a priority to focus on producing final products only of the highest quality. Our years of experience in creating and developing vitamins, supplements, and other health related products ensures more efficiently produced products that are unmatched by any of our competitors.

Our final product will supersede all your expectations and can be ensured by our 100% guarantee of your satisfaction in addition to our certifications. Our process will include taking care of all angles of your final product from label to design to meet all FDA standards.

Final Product

Formulation and formulating Private Label Contract Manufacturing health related products are a key element in the development of your next health product. XL has the team available manufacture your formulas and apply compliance methods to maximize your products effectively to your consumers.

XL formulation team of formulators consists of chemists, research scientists, pharmacists, and product formulation managers who are here to help you from the ground up. The XL team will assist you from identifying the right product ingredients, absorption of nutrients, to identifying the delivery system medium, etc.

The formulation process is a very crucial area that must be thoroughly developed, and where comprehensive testing is necessary to ensure end product effectiveness.

Another reason it would be to your advantage to partner with XL is because we have an extensive library of private label formulas we have developed specifically. If you are looking to quickly launch a successful health product, the XL private label formulas are a great starting point.
Please contact us today to learn more.


Marketing ALL health related products is another valuable benefit that XL is able to provide all clients FREE OF COST when you choose to partner with us in private label and contract manufacturing capabilities.

Let our years of marketing experience and knowledge guide and assist you in marketing your innovative and effective health care products that will show you the greatest return and profit.

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